Sandeep Hooda
Sandeep Hooda
DBS Bank Senior Vice President, SRE Lead

Sandeep leads the SRE team focused on learning from the incident, containerisation, and responsible for various SDLC tools specialising in DevOps. 

Prior to this, he was managing cloud infrastructure teams where his responsibilities were usually automation, infrastructure architecture, and working closely with solution architects. 

He is a passionate user of open source with a strong focus on creating quintessential solutions. He conducts workshops to educate and spread awareness on blameless culture "from tech incidents to biz decisions." 

He is a Sci-Fi lover, with a keen interest in astronomy, dreams of space exploration, and sailing around the world.

DBS’ SRE Journey

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Are we good enough for SRE? How to convert aspirations into reality?

It is common for large, complex organisations to aspire to run huge transformation initiatives and very often overcoming the inertia and resistance becomes a massive challenge. With SRE becoming more important than ever, many organisations are still grappling with the idea on how to establish "SRE as a Practice" and more importantly define how and what SRE should look like for them. It would be great if there was a recipe that could be made available to aspiring organisations.

With this talk, I aim to share our experience about how we started our journey into SRE, the approach into establishing into a practice, the pitfalls to avoid and most importantly how to measure success. This talk can serve as a cookbook to help organisations fast-track their SRE adoption irrespective of their maturity as long as they have a willingness to move in this direction.

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